All for Unity


People from all across Scotland have joined All for Unity, working together to seek change at Holyrood. From left to right, and in the centre, All for Unity have found shared values and a common goal to put Scotland back on track and reverse the damage and decline under SNP mis-governance.

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SNP rule of Scotland has failed. Neglecting education, health and other public services, in their pursuit of their Neverendum directly impacts on everyday life for all Scots.

The choice is quite clear: The SNP, who will stop at nothing to tear apart the union, or an alternative.

The traditional unionist parties have failed to adequately stand up to the SNP. Now, Scots have the chance to elect a cross-party Alliance who will take the fight to Holyrood and to our local authorities . All across Scotland in the local elections and Holyrood elections, we’ll be standing candidates from all over the political spectrum – left, centre, right (and none!).

However, in order to do this, we need your support. Please join the Alliance in ensuring the SNP are deprived of a majority in May, so we can get Scotland back on track.

By donating £20, £50 or even more today you can really help make this the most professional and vibrant campaign we’ve ever delivered.

If 1,000 people gave just £20 we’d have £20,000 to add to our campaign fund.

We need funds to pay for campaign staff, to produce campaign materials and activist resources, it will go towards videos and social media advertising and the many expenses involved in mounting a campaign on this scale – including training, equipment, deposits, billboards, websites and so on.

With your support we can hit the ground running, and push to end SNP rule at Holyrood and in our local authorities.

Let’s re-focus Scottish politics back onto the needs of our communities and away from the distraction of the neverendum.

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