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A Manifesto for Change

All for Unity is a broad alliance of patriotic people who care about Scotland and want the best for it. We offer pragmatism, experience, professionalism and a fresh approach.

We want the return to Scotland of solidarity, community, excellence, entrepreneurship and good humour. We need unity, not division in Scotland.

We want a vibrant, self confident country that is at ease with itself. We want everyone in Scotland to think of themselves, once more, as Scottish, rather than nationalist or unionist.

We advocate policies that will strengthen and stabilise our economy and allow us to develop world class public services. Policies that will make life in Scotland better for us all.

Post Brexit and the coronavirus Scotland needs stability and time to rebuild. We believe passionately it is in Scotland’s interest to remain part of the United Kingdom.

We want to help form a Government of National Unity that will heal Scotland and restore honesty, competence and good governance to our public services and institutions, for all Scots.

All for Unity draws its candidates from all political affiliations. Politicians at Holyrood are often criticised for having limited experience of the real world. Apart from politics, All for Unity candidates have a wide range of work experience including agriculture, business, e-commerce, education, finance, IT, law, manufacturing, medicine, military, philosophy, police and telecommunications.

Our manifesto is a positive vision for Scotland’s future.

All for Unity is actively working towards a pro-UK coalition so our Manifesto for Change is a statement of the principles we would bring to the work of building a cross party coalition with Labour, Conservatives and Liberals to make Scotland a happy, healthy and prosperous nation again.

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