All for Unity


To continue to fight for Scotland through our campaigns, such as pushing the Clarity Act, standing at Holyrood & local council elections, All for Unity needs a fighting fund to pay for campaign materials, produce activist resources, pay for key campaign staff, and much more. If you can support our cause, please consider a donation.

Help us put an end to the Scottish Neverendum.

By donating £20, £50 or even more today you can really help make this the most professional and vibrant campaign we’ve ever delivered.

If 1,000 people gave just £20 we’d have £20,000 to add to our campaign fund.

We need funds to pay for campaign staff, to produce campaign materials and activist resources, it will go towards videos and social media advertising and the many expenses involved in mounting a campaign on this scale – including training, equipment, deposits, billboards, websites and so on.

With your support we can hit the ground running, and push to end SNP rule at Holyrood.

The legal bit…

  • Please note all donations will go to the All for Unity to help our campaigns at Holyrood, council elections and push for a Clarity Act.
  • We’re required to run permissibility checks on donations over £500. These will be completed as pledges are made. For the same reason, we cannot accept anonymous donations over £500.
  • If you make multiple donations to us, they may be aggregated for our reporting purposes.
  • If you donate over £7500 your identity will appear on the Electoral Commission website.

Promoted by James Giles on behalf of the Alliance 4 Unity, all at Suite 2, Fullarton House, 4 Fullarton Street, Ayr, Ayrshire, KA7 1UB.

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