Meet our candidates – Moira Ramage

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Moira Ramage is standing in the Highlands and Islands region

I was born in Dumbarton and went to our local comprehensive, studied law at Edinburgh University and have been a Solicitor for more than 25 years and a Procurator Fiscal for more than 20 of those years, worked on tribunals for several Regulatory Bodies including the General Medical Council, General Dental Council, nursing and Midwifery Council and the General Teaching Council for Scotland, a former Member of the Parole Board for Scotland.

I am the mother of four children and know the stress and worry that brings in this fast paced world we live in with its many challenges for children.

My work has included working in courts from Rothesay to Cambeltown and all in between and I am acutely aware of how changes to the delivery of local justice have adversely impacted on victims and witnesses in many rural areas.

I have family and friends in the Highlands and Islands who quite rightly feel they are being left behind with everything being centralised and their voices not listened to or acted on.

I believe the Union has the financial strength and a genuine willingness to try to level things up. I have the voice and willingness to speak up and speak out on behalf of the people of the Highlands and Islands.

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