Meet our candidates – Billy Ross

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Billy Ross is standing for your vote in the Central Scotland Region.

I am Billy Ross, 54 years of age and have lived in Kilsyth since birth.

My working life has been spent in the commercial roofing industry and i have owned my own company since 1993.

I am married with a family and like to spend my spare time either walking our dog or at the gym.

I am very passionate about local issues within central Scotland, and care deeply about national issues that impact Scotland.

Scotland has failed under the SNP government with their only focus being on constant referendums.

The education system has failed, roads and public services are a disgrace due to a lack of funding.

The list goes on and urgent action is required to tackle the shambolic attempts at running our country.

We need to retain Scotland’s place within the United Kingdom and prosper once again instead of looking backwards.

All 4 unity needs your vote to remain British and end the failures of this government.

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