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George Galloway and Jamie Blackett have today launched All For Unity’s national campaign, unveiling ‘A Manifesto for Change’ with a plan to #SaveOurScotland.

Unveiling a team of 56 candidates – eight in every region – from all walks of life and all political affiliations, Galloway said he was ‘proud’ of the huge diversity on the All for Unity lists, made up of businessmen, doctors, educators, lawyers, engineers, and former military officers to name but a few professions.

Galloway added: “Politicians at Holyrood are rightly criticised for having little experience of the real world. We’ve got, without doubt, the most qualified and capable candidate list of any party to take the fight to the Separatists in the next Scottish Parliament.

“All For Unity will open the books of the Scottish Parliament, tackle the scourge of separatism and #SaveOurScotland.

“I’m more Labour than Anas Sarwar, more pro-Union than Douglas Ross, I’m the one the separatists fear.

“On 6th May vote tactically, vote smart, vote A4U and get the SNP out.”

Speaking at the party’s national launch from a COVID-secure studio in Glasgow, All For Unity leader Jamie Blackett said: “A few years ago it would have been inconceivable that I, a one nation conservative, would have been sharing a platform with a man of the left like George Galloway. And even more unimaginable that George would have joined forces with a wicked Tory like me.

“That we have done so underlines the deep threat facing Scotland from corrupt and authoritarian separatism.

“We want the return to Scotland of solidarity, community, excellence, entrepreneurship and good humour. We need unity not division in Scotland. We want a vibrant, self-confident country that is at ease with itself. We want everyone in Scotland to think of themselves, once more, as Scottish, rather than nationalist or unionist.

“Change is coming and it’s coming from the bottom up though a grassroots political movement, All For Unity. I commend our manifesto for change to the Scottish electorate.”


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