Candidate spotlight: Pavinder Singh

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I am delighted to be standing in the Scottish Parliament elections for the regions as an All for Unity candidate. My name is Parvinder Singh, but my family, friends and business associates know me as Pav Masutes. So, you too can call me Pav!

I was born in India to a Sikh family, educated first Northern India and then in Kolkata before coming to the UK. As someone from a different culture and who has adopted Scotland as my home, I have a global perspective on Scotland’s heritage and position in the world. I have been fortunate to have had a very successful business career here in Edinburgh and feel very strongly attached to Scotland.

I am passionate about three issues; i) strong leadership and incentives for enterprise in Scotland ii) direction and support for Scotland’s young people and iii) addressing issues of disadvantage that we continue to witness in our beautiful country.

A family man, I have lived in Edinburgh since 2007, working with and supporting small businesses. In that time, I have conducted over 8,000 fact finds to help individuals establish and grow their business. With around 90% of UK new businesses failing within the first three years, I have seen many enterprising people face seemingly insurmountable challenges, with all the personal and emotional turmoil that goes with it. My vision for a better Scotland is for strong leadership and incentives for enterprise in Scotland.

I want Scotland to offer better opportunities for young people, and for our young people to have a greater say in the future of Scotland – they are our future after all! History shows the great inventors from Scotland, and I believe our youth today needs more than ever the direction and support to continue to bring Scotland’s innovation to the world stage.

I recognise the positive impact of a diverse culture. We need more people from different backgrounds involved in the future direction of Scotland to help raise the quality of life for all.

I strongly believe that the best way to achieve progress with these issues is for Scotland should stay in unity. Now is the time for global leadership, not for building boundaries and breaking unions. That, and that alone, is the reason why I am standing in the upcoming regional elections.

I’m not a politician, I am a global citizen. I believe we need to move forward and see the potential of how we can work together. I have my experience and energy to add to the betterment of Scotland’s future.

I invite your comments and views, you can reply to me here through the social media links or by email I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Pavinder Singh is standing in the Lothian region asking you to lend your second vote to help oust the SNP and put a halt to the Scottish neverendum.

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