Candidate spotlight: Jean Anne Mitchell

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Jean Anne Mitchell is a mother of three, a grandmother and a successful businesswoman. A two-time Westminster Parliamentary Candidate for Labour, first time as a Candidate in 2017 the SNP had a 19,800 Majority and Jean Anne reduced that to 2020 Votes. Ironically, she took 16,902 Votes, Tories 6300 Votes and LibDem 1002 Votes. By Pro-Union Parties standing Candidates that could not win another SNP Minority MP was Elected!

Jean Anne is strategically planning to ensure that the public understand that Voting Smart for strongest Pro-Union Constituency Candidate and then casting their Regional List Vote ONLY ALL FOR UNITY will deliver more Pro-Union MSP’s delivering a Scottish Parliament fit for purpose and not another minority SNP government for next 14 years.

Unlike any other Election if we fail to vote strategically this will seriously jeopardise the Union and will be seen as a Mandate for IndyRef 2.

Jean Anne is All For Unity spokesperson for the family and is strongly campaigning against further SNP and Green erosion of family values. She will be a strong voice for the people of Scotland.

Jean Anne Mitchell is standing in the Glasgow region asking you to lend your second vote to help oust the SNP and put a halt to the Scottish neverendum.

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