Keep your eye on the prize

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As former SNP Deputy Leader Jim Sillars said, the Hate Crime Legislation piloted by disgraced Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf is the “most pernicious piece of law ever passed in the United Kingdom”.

If elected as MSPs, All for Unity will demand the repeal of this anti-woman, anti-free speech law which has nothing to do with actual Hate Crimes  – which are covered already by existing laws – and everything to do with TransMania which has gripped the SNP – and the unlikely persona of Humza Yousaf – and holds substantial sway in other parties too.

It is outrageous that the bulk of Labour and Liberal Democrats at Holyrood backed this hated SNP legislation. As an act of political self-harm it cannot be underestimated.

But we must keep our eyes on the prize.

If the SNP win a majority at Holyrood in May it is not just that we will have 5 more years of corrupt, lawless, truthless, expensive and incompetent ‘government’. This would be taken as a mandate to intensify the struggle to break-up Britain.

The MAIN issue in Scotland is to deny the Separatists their prize.

The ONLY way of doing so remains – vote for the best-placed anti-SNP candidate in the constituencies and vote for All for Unity on the Regional List Vote.

The actions of Labou and the Liberal Democrats have made this strategy even more distasteful for many than it already was, no doubt.

But given our electoral system this remains the ONLY way the SNP can be denied victory.

If the SNP are returned to power the Hate Crime Legislation will be retained AND used, principally against women defending their rights as women.

If the SNP are defeated it will wither on the vine or be repealed.

Please, in the name of Scotland – and saving Scotland – hold your nerve, hold your nose, and follow our tactical voting advice.

View Tactical Voting Guide.

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