Galloway: We must play the Separatists at their own game

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Galloway: We must play the Separatists at their own game. Failure to do so could mean the end of the union.

GEORGE Galloway has again called upon the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats to back All for Unity in the regional lists to secure the future of Scotland’s place in the Union.

Speaking following the launch of Alex Salmond’s Alba Party, which seeks to produce an independence ‘supermajority’ in the upcoming Holyrood elections, George said that Salmond’s move vindicated his call for pro-Union voters to back All for Unity on the regional lists (orange ballot paper).

George Galloway said: “It’s clear that the nationalists – who let us not forget have been in power for 13 years – know how to play the system. Through the Alba Party, there’s a real risk of an Independence supermajority IF, and only if, pro-Union voters don’t wise up.

“Tory insistance that you should vote for them on both ballots is grossly irresponsible and will lead Sturgeon and Salmond to victory. The Tories will always win constituencies in places like South Scotland, making it anywhere between three times and five times harder to win seats on the regional list than it would All for Unity. Ditto for the SNP and the Alba Party.

“We need to play the nats at their own game. Only by voting for the best-placed pro-Union candidate on the purple ballot paper, and All for Unity on the orange ballot paper can we super-lock Scotland’s place in the union.

“Failure to do so could mean the end of the union as we know it. This is do or die – the other parties must face up to this new political reality or face the consequences.

“We are the Unionist answer to Alba – a vote for us Superlocks the Union.”

Galloway will speak again on the subject at 7pm tomorrow night on the Mother of All Talk Shows, which can be viewed on his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube streams.

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