All for Unity


All for Unity was founded by George Galloway in July 2020 and is led by Jamie Blackett. The party works across the political spectrum to oppose another independence referendum so that we can unite and rebuild Scotland after years of misrule by an SNP government.

SNP rule of Scotland has failed. Neglecting education, health and other public services, in their pursuit of their Neverendum directly impacts on everyday life for all Scots.

The SNP, who will stop at nothing to tear apart the union, or an alternative. The traditional unionist parties have failed to adequately stand up to the SNP.

We have come together from across political and class boundaries for the good of Scotland for one aim, and one aim only. To stop Scottish separatism and stand up for the Union

Working together to end the SNP rule & neverendum at Holyrood and putting communities back into the heart of politics

May 10, 2021Announcements, News

Close of poll message from George Galloway and All for Unity

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to support us throughout Scotland. From

April 30, 2021Announcements, News

Candidate spotlight: Jean Anne Mitchell

Jean Anne Mitchell is a mother of three, a grandmother and a successful businesswoman. A

April 29, 2021Announcements, News

Candidate spotlight: Pavinder Singh

I am delighted to be standing in the Scottish Parliament elections for the regions as

April 14, 2021Announcements, News

The Unity Pledge

The nationalists' neverendum is fuelled by uncertainty about when a future referendum might take place

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