An end to the Scottish

The Alliance for Unity has been formed by George Galloway on a cross-party basis, to secure the defeat of the SNP in May 2021 and an end to the Neverendum on Scotland’s future.

Introduction from Alliance Founder, George Galloway

SNP rule of Scotland has failed. Neglecting education, health and other public services, in their pursuit of their Neverendum directly impacts on everyday life for all Scots. The choice is quite clear. The SNP, who will stop at nothing to tear apart the union, or an alternative. The traditional unionist parties have failed to adequately stand up to the SNP. Now, Scots have the chance to elect a cross-party Alliance who will take the fight to Holyrood in 2021. All across Scotland in the regional lists, we’ll be standing candidates from all over the political spectrum – left, centre, right (and none!). Please join us in ensuring the SNP are deprived of a majority in May, so we can get Scotland back on track.

Group Founder, George Galloway

If elected, Alliance 4 Unity MSPs would sit at Holyrood as Independents. We have come together from across political and class boundaries for the good of Scotland for one aim, and one aim only. To stop Scottish separatism and stand up for the Union. If elected, we will:

Stand up to the SNP against Scottish separatism
Seek to form a government of 'national unity' in favour of the Union
Work with any and all pro-Union parties to stop nationalists from holding a second Independence referendum

If you agree with us, please get in touch and join us today. Call 01389 504534 or email

George Galloway

Latest News

George Galloway, Jamie Blackett and Dr Bruce Halliday revealed to top South Scotland list


TOP LAWYER Charlotte Morley to head Lothian regional list


Businessman Ricky Morton announced for Glasgow regional list


Professor Alan Sked announced for Highlands and Islands


Businessman David Griffiths revealed as A4U West Scotland candidate

West Scotland

Arthur Keith will top the North East Scotland list

North East

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First tranche of Candidates announced

We're proud to announce the following candidates as our first wave in the run up to May 2021's Holyrood elections:

George Galloway
South Scotland

George Galloway is a world-renowned broadcaster and politician, who founded the Alliance 4 Unity and will lead the list in South Scotland. George presents the Mother of All Talk Shows on a Sunday at 7pm BST.

Alan Sked
Highlands and Islands

Alan Sked FRHistS is a British academic and politician. He is Professor Emeritus of International History at the London School of Economics, founded UKIP and will be leading the Highlands and Islands list.

Jamie Blackett
Leader, South Scotland

Jamie is the Leader of the Alliance and Number 2 on the South Scotland list. Jamie is a journalist and ex-soldier, who lives with his wife in Galloway.

Charlotte Morley

Charlotte Morley is a rising star of the courts in Edinburgh, and as Mrs Sebastian Morley is expecting their first child very soon. She’d make a better Justice Minister at Holyrood, for certain!

Dr Bruce Halliday
South Scotland

Dr Bruce Halliday is a GP in Dumfries, and will be joining George Galloway and Jamie Blackett on the South Scotland list in May 2021

David Griffiths
West Scotland

Glasgow educated, David is a former IT consultant in the Aviation and Travel Sectors. He is an experienced political analyst and a formidable debater. He is attached in equal measure to the UK and Rangers FC!

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